Free to Raise.

A few weeks ago a group of mom’s was together, and the topic of free range parenting came up, there where laughs and shock, and lots of stories of neighbors or kids we knew who had this as a lifestyle. I was tired that night really, really tired, and couldn’t chime in and muscle myself into a conversation about something I feel so passionately about. No, I don’t free range parent. I am free to parent.

Simple as that.

No theories. No experts. No books.

Just my learned experience, shared experiences, and my gut reaction to what my husband and I feel is appropriate.

And I think that is good. I hope most people parent that way. That they don’t prescribe to the notion that they need to label themselves. Because here’s the great/not-so-great  🙂 thing about raising kids, the minute you say, I will never, you will get a kid that pushes your resolve on that. The more kids you have in your family, the more clearly you see, how your personality and your kids, all play together. How all these strengths and weakness, have different ways of needing to be molded or supported.  The best support system a family can have, extended family and family friends. The more opinions and experiences that you are exposed to as a parent, the less hard you are on both you and your kid. Go with the flow, let your kids take you on a parenting experience. If you go into it with the best of intention and a little bit of stubbornness and authority, chances are  your gonna have great kids.

I feel free to parent my kids as I see fit at that time, place and child. You should too. I won’t judge. Promise. I might ask a question about it, but its not to make you feel less confident as a parent, but for me to maybe learn something and add it to my parenting.

That’s is it.

Be free to parent.





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