The aftermath of a cold…

Its been here for 3 weeks, starting off as a an irritating cough in my husband, traveling as long green nose caterpillars in all of the kids and now finally it has settled in my head and nose. GO AWAY!!! And why do I always have to get it last, once every starts saying “Oh, that old cold.”  When everyone else is gearing up. Here am I trying to prop my head up and breathe. Its almost as if my body has told its self its not allowed to get sick till after everyone else is on the mend…Thanks, a lot!

But while every one was sick, I was running double time. I got things lined up for my new project The Art House, which I have about a bazillion ideas for and so many ways to grow it. I also took up a seasonal job at Target, just so that the kids get to go do all the amazing things we have planned for the Holidays. Thats the beauty in this cold, it slowed everyone else down for just a little bit to let me catch up. Hugs and snuggles are easy to keep up with. This is life it doesn’t slow it just runs it self out, my job is to keep up and make sure my family is comfortable while they keep pace.

But right now, its a cup of coffee, sweatpants and off to ECFE, because right now, I need one slow day.


The Sarcastic Mom…My Goverment Needs a Parent (and a Family!)

Untitled artwork 2013-10-11 (09.09.54-057 AM)



What my government needs right now is a parent. Someone to tell them, ” You know sometimes you just gotta suck it up.” Parents put you in time out. Keep you in check. Hold you to a higher standard than you ever knew you could achieve ( but they know!) The pettiness, shortsightedness, that has been running my  country is just crazyness.  When there are such extremes how can there ever be compromise. Life is never black and white, so why does this government see things this way? If its not my way it must be evil? So strange

There are times when we need to do things for the bigger good, not just our own individual good.  When we do things because although it might not be exactly what we want, but it does work for everyone else. My family has just gone through this, with a 5 year old, a 3 year old and a 8 mo old we had lots of ‘the world revolves around me attitudes.”  My husband and I are there though as parents to gently and sometimes not so gently remind our children that although it may sound like a good idea to them, its not what works for ALL of us. And thats what a family does, we compromise, share, and sometimes just go along with others ideas. It makes us stronger, introduces us to knew experiences and more so keeps us bonded as a family. My wish for my government is that they could start to see themself as a family instead of crusaders. That they would see the crazy uncle for what he is , the fun cousin, the aunt that always make cookies, the brother that is always there to talk to and the parents that are there to lend a hand. This country has potential, it always has. Its time to start making it as amazing as we hype it up to be. Its time to start believing in each other, to start trusting in the good of human nature ( which may mean we have to lose some losers on the way!) I have hope for my country, but right now, no hope for my government.  If this government was my child I would right now be pretending that I  didn’t know them and than give them a bloody good telling off the minute their foot walked into our house.

Good Things Made in Our House This Week…

This week we made some good things around the house, first of all is Henry’s new stove/oven. He loves to cook, but we don’t have a kid kitchen, so we improvised. A shoe box painted silver with permant marker burners and stove handles, fits just right in the food basket to put away when done. photo (32)


Next is our search and find sight words. The first day I made just a bunch of rocks with R written on them to find in the yard, but we had so much fun we decided to put those sight words on them . I hide them in the front flower bed every day  before we go to the bus stop. On his way into the house, we find the words he tells me what he found, presto, sight words done before we even walk into the door!

photo (31)

And last but not least, I got a head start on Halloween, and made up these for my nieces and nephews for in their treat bags instead of candy. I pick up unfinished building blocks at garage sale and use Ed Emberly as inspiration!

photo (34)