30 before thirty…

Here it is, my Thirty before Thirty list:

1. Listen More. Talk Less.

2. Draw @ least once a day.


4. Read one art book.

5. Sell 5 pieces of artwork.

6. Be a better friend.

7. Put my family first before all.

8. Be kinder to myself.

9. Go some place alone with Art.

10. Lean how to make pita bread.

11. Get down to 137 lbs.

12. Finish Jack Henry doll.

13. Reconnect w/ those friends I lost touch with.

14. Find a home for my children’s book.



17. Cut out pop.



20. Find a way for me and Art to connect once a week.













No you are not missing something, the list didn’t even get done. That should give you some clue on how I did with what was on the list. Thirty, you’ve got to do better by me…

I did cut out the pop, the fact that I am even publishing this disasterous list means that I am being kinder to myself, by admitting the world did not end because I did not finish my list. In the last 3 months me and Art have managed one lunch date.

I am not complaining, quite the opposite, this unfinished list is just serving as a reminder my life is busy, my life is full, can I really ask for more? On this day I was born I am excited over my new decade a new begining, and I will tell you later of the breakdown I had when I found this list 2 days before my birthday and what Art wrote on it that made everything better….. Cheers to the next 30 years!

This morning I was woken up by a 3.5 year old wake you up at 5 am because he is so excited for your birthday, the enthusiasm spread… than I found Gyo Fujikawa Fairy Tale book, Dolce and Gabbana Jeans, and a gold binocular necklace at Savers.. the day gets better.. off to Chino Latino sans children with Artie for supper. 30 is going to be amazing!!!

2 thoughts on “30 before thirty…

  1. ruth Reply

    happy birthday! welcome to your 30s. it’s very reassuring to see a mom/lady like yourself who is balancing and checking herself with the same morals the meberg kids have — family first, keep being creative, don’t lose track of friends.

  2. hannahlaura Reply

    I’s always wondered how to put that concisely, I think that’s the best I’ve heard!

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