Today he is one…

Today he is one. Today I remember how he no longer belongs to just me, but to the world. Today I think about what he has to offer the world. Today I think about time going fast and slow all at once. Today I think about how I love him. Happy Birthday H!

*UPDATE: since I keep getting so many nice comments about the cake I just wanted to let you all know, its not a fabulous unique creation, I got it HERE from Whisk Kid. Its called the Super Epic Rainbow Cake and I couldn’t agree more. I however had problems with the frosting but I think I didn’t whip the eggs enough and my house was to hot, and it was ALOT of butter (mmmm!!) Next time I think I will just use Betty Crocker’s Buttercream Frosting… there has to be a next time for this cake doesn’t there??


Birthday Lunch

The Cake

Roy G Biv

Cake Time

Finishing Up

Helping Open Presents


Sharing (kind of)

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And now something (old) new…

Finally, its up. I wrote this article about six months ago and its just been sitting, waiting for some images and some pdf finesse.  We are a t-shirt house, which means we go through a lot of t-shirts. There are lots of ways to recycle t-shirts but seriously besides rags what do you do with your husbands ratty old white t-shirts. Well I came up with these rugs, as you can see its shades of white and uhmm, even some pink thanks to a wash load gone wrong. Basically its a super-sized potholder loom that produce a very usable item. I only have the one made but there are more in the future I can feel it. I would love to see some in color! I created a pdf tutorial for you HERE. Please I would love to see your interpretations ….

And the list goes on…

I am a list maker, not always a list user, or a list completer. But lists, and lots of them. They help me sleep, they help assure me I am doing something. I have tried lots of list for chores but it always seems like they are to INTENSE or I need ten of them to get everything done for the month. So I devised a list of my own, its for all those house cleaning to-dos. Its for one month, and it works on the daily, weekly and monthly level. You get done what you get done. As you will notice I really only have 3 things to tick off for every day and than you just wittle away at the weekly and monthly things as time dictates… User be warned.. I am not the best house cleaner, the most exacting housekeeper. But my kids are happy and my husband is well fed, and I can get the house together for company in about 2o minutes. I hope you like the lists I have a Color Version and a Black and White Version.  Let me know if you have any thoughts… Thanks and I hope you enjoy…


My husband and I agree to disagree on many areas of the life we share together, such as who wiped H’s nose the most that week, who read the newest design article first, and who chose to turn on to the busiest street in the middle of rush hour. We do agree on some things though, ( we are married so there had to be some sort of agreement along the way) one of the happens to be no matter what your political opinion, you should be able to back your opinion up or at least care to be informed on the country we live in. This year our family took a leap and decided to try to build our own studio while we have a chance, part of the studio projects we are currently working on is my husbands pet project, STATS OF THE UNION. Go over check it out, give us feedback and like I said, we are just starting we have plenty of room to grow!!

He just posted his first stat about government transparency…. I hope you enjoy..