My First Print Gocco Prints and Giveaway!

My First Print Gocco Prints, originally uploaded by hannahlaura.

So I finally got the nerve to use my Valentines Day present today. Honestly, the possibilities that the Print Gocco offered were a little nerve-racking. So telling myself to start simply, I found a sketch I had started when I was pregnant with A and decided it was time to finish it with Baby #2 D-Day(Due Day) looming 18 days away.

So sitting down during A’s naptime today, I went at it and realized why everyone gets hooked, 10 minutes later and 14 perfect prints I am in love. So on that euphoric note I am decideing to do a giveaway of at least 3 prints. These are nothing special just a periwinkle blue on white cardstock 4×6. But if you want to get a piece of fun mail, just leave a comment and your email address so I can email you to tell you, you’re a winner! Winners will be chosen by random number generator, comments will be closed April 23 @ 1PM. Good Luck!

Well two of the winners were already going to get one so we did a redo for two more, hope no one minds!

So the winners are:

# 5   Lyz
Um, this would be perfect with my belly photos of each of my babies. It’s lovely!

ps – captcha is “wife coaching”. If only! Although, maybe mom coaching would be more in demand?

#8 ruth stine
whooo hoooo! so cute! have you seen kate nydam’s goco prints? it’s a ink grandfather clock. nydampress on etsy!

#9 Ashlie
Such a simple and true sentiment. Love it.