In my early nesting stage…

Every day when hubby gets home there has been a new project to show him. They have ranged from Potato Print Fabric, to having all bills and bank info sorted back to the year 2o00 ( Yes he owes me dearly for that one.)  It is all in preperation for our new one in April. I can’t help it, babies are new and wonderful when you bring them back home. Sort of like on Christmas day how you want the house to be all clean so you can just focus on playing with your new toy.  I might as well enjoy the euphoria since I know Reality of having two kids in the house will sink in the next day, or god forbid the first day.  Anyways in quest of all projects crafty and organizational I found this one over at Bright and Blithe’s blog.


Oh so wonderful, makes me even more excited to have a fully finished and functional office in our basement.  Link Here.