Christmas Ornaments

Ever since I heard of my mother-in-law doing this with my husband and his siblings I always knew I would keep up the tradition. Evey christmas, the kids make an ornament for their Aunt and/or Uncle and Grandparents. I like the idea of a kid taking a minute to make something for someone they care about. Even more so I like the idea of my kids handing out their ornaments to their loved ones to show how much they are appreciated.


A had a ton of fun with the glitter. It was everywhere, I loved. The hubby on the other hand was rolling his eyes as he saw glitter everywhere, he hates it. The only thought for next time we do glitter, I should try not to do it the same day that we go to the pediatrician, but thanks to her good humor she didn’t seem to think I was neglecting my son even though he seemed to have glitter if every facial orifice. I cut the shapes out of cardboard that I had traced from the cookie cutters I got from Ikea. Spray painted them white. Modge podged a print-out of “Love, Aidan 2009” on the back. Than used modge podge to adhere the glitter to the back. For the fronts I just applied modge podge again and

This year I also made cards for them to hand out on so its a little easier for my boy. To me there is nothing like a handmade ornament, and I love the growing collection on my tree !

Lefse Princess

Our house is buzzing with activity, I am getting that middle of pregnancy rush, just hope it lasts longer than last time. One Christmas project was completed this morning, a very cool little girl I know will be getting these lefse labels, complete with her own portrait to put on all her bags of lefse she seems to be making these days. If you know this little girl, please don’t tell her, Christmas surprises are the best.