Pink Popcorn Balls and Stocking Stuffing

My husband loves this time of the year, he goes out on walks just to see what houses put up lights that day, he plans the outdoor lights and decorations and more importantly will decorate the Christmas tree begining to end. I on the other hand am a little more passive in the Christmas spirit.  Today I finished up the stocking for my son that has taken more than a year to finish (on and off disheartening work) and it looks horrible (sobbing and weeping)  I finished his Christmas sweater with all it mis-stitches (did i just invent a new knitting term, I think I did) it has a lovely bit of homeliness to it that makes me think of Christmas’ past. I think of long sled rides behind my uncles 4-wheelers out in bare snow driffting fields.  Christmas caroling at the old folks homes and the pink popcorn balls my grandma Gert used to make. How do you duplicate that feeling you had when you were a kid? How did I see the world as a completely warm and loved filled places for at least one month every year? Now it all about what do I get them, will it be enough, how long do I have to ship this, how do I get it all done? How did I end up sounding like a cynical adult in the middle of Christmas lights?

I am in Love…

I am one of those people who if the online store has a shopping cart where you can visually see everything together, I will be on that site all day long, getting the combo just right. But what about if the perfect shoes are at another site?

Along came polyvore… and I am in love.