So the hubby thinks we should go camping….

and I, well I am much more of a car camper, packing my TWO pillows and my favorite blankie.  He on the other hand, can fit a weeks worth of food and clothing in the smallest backpack I have ever seen.  Yeah, I don’t think thats gonna happen for me. Plus to me camping is all about the food. So in the effort of a compromise, I have been looking for ideas on camp cooking, and came across this great article at Craftzine. I especially love the idea of just taking a wok. Huh, what was that Pad Thai under the Northen Lights, I wish!

Where did this summer go??

Hey mom!, originally uploaded by hannahlaura.

Oh August, a month so busy with family going ons, a wedding aniversary, bachelor party, a first birthday. So when do you breath? That last summer air, pick the last summer flowers. Gather all those tomatoes. You squeeze it all in and make sure you smile while you do it. You prioritze the hell out of it and be suprised at the little things that go to the top of the list. A trip to the library, a score at the 2nd hand store (more on that later.) Yawn, naps are necessary too.