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My cousin posted awhile back about losing the calender that she was keeping track of her newborn with for scrapbooking purposes, and she was very distraught about it. This creeping feeling of guilt come over me. Calender, scrapbook, uhmmm hrmmm. Aidan’s baby book is complete up to 4 months and yes it is brimming full at 4 months but past that I have 941 photos sitting in a folder on my computer waiting to be sorted and printed for his baby book. As a bit of incentive and maybe just to make myself feel a little better I created some stickers to use in his book.


I LOVE STICKERS!!!  I have stickers for everything, if it can be printed on label paper it is in my office, I swear. So in that spirit I have decided to share my baby book stickers to any other moms who may need a little baby book incentive, or maybe just print them out and stick them to well… anything. Don’t have label paper don’t worry just use card stock and a little glue.

Scrapbook page

So just click here to download. Hope you enjoy, and I would love to see what you do with them!

It seems so long ago…

Why babies are fun

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When I watch this, I think of how little he was, how I lift him so easily, how happy he coos. I keep watching and start to think OMG what am I doing to the kid, no wonder he has no fear and will head down the couch headfirst. Climb a whole flight of stairs the first time he ever climbs stair. It’s mom’s fault, you are a daredevil. ( and yes the little monkey is with his grandparents to day and mom is missing him a little.)



A sudden burst of creativity, hit me with my coffee this morning. Actually I think its been stewing in my head for awhile. I just sat down at my computer and started creating. ( That never happens, it usually frustration. after sketch, after research, after sketch.) More suprising it was turning out. So I have worked on it all day, my plans are big, probably a bit to ambitous, but I can hope . I can hope to finish, I can hope it turns out. And hopefully someone will be around to work on the prototype for a trial run along with me so its not just me doing  the  proofing and checking. (Yes, when it comes to my personal work I am more of a big idea person, get it started and leave the small details to someone else.)

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