Busy Busy Little Bee

Busy Busy, originally uploaded by hannahlaura.

It seems around here that the week is gone before we know it. The day has passed before we have gotten anything done. My boy is a busy, busy little boy. No toy is left undiscovered ( to its fullest extent) no corner unexplored ( not to hard in this little bungalow). Today Grandma takes him for the day to go and play. I have other plans what they are yet I don’t know, but for now, a cup of coffee seems in order.



So after a day of completely ignoring any obligations, I finished…Sigh. How could you not if you had this going on in your house?  Much love to my boys.



So I am trying to make some progress on this. It still need help, and color but otherwise it coming. I think what I am really doing is procrastinating on the jobs I really need to be working on. That happens when you are your own boss right??

Half Done.


That’s how everything is sitting around this house. Toys that aren’t of interest, half put away,half a sock knitted, sewing projects sitting halfway in the machine (seriouly, go check.) And than this project,which I had all the best of intentions of finishing before father’s day. I dont think I will get there… I don’t think you can even tell what it is right now. Sigh… Sorry Art, but I do love you!

I Love my Mom arms.

I Love my Mom arms., originally uploaded by hannahlaura.

So mother’s day has come and gone, but i did want to write something about being a mom this year. I love it. With all the hard there is lots of wonderful. My arms speaks volumes this year. They show every time I picked my boy up, every time I carried a load of laundry and a baby, every dinner stirred, every hug and every time my arm flew out to catch an unsteady step. This is late,(but isn’t everything always a little behind when your a mom.) But to all the mom’s out there, I am so proud to be joining the ranks.