Make-Them-Pretty Pins Tutorial

So if you are like me and making your gifts this year and know a sewer, good chance there is a pincushion somewhere in the equation of the gift. I like to add pins when giving the gift since it makes it just a little bit more “pretty.”

    Here is my tutorial to make pins a little more special with things you probably already have on hand. (This is so straight foward I am sure most of you won’t need a tutorial but I need to try my hand out at making one, so thanks for being patient with me.)


    You Will  Need:

What you need:

    Craft Glue ( your favorite Brand)
    Straight Pins
    Seed Beads ( Colors of your choice, nice to coordinate colors of the pincushion or gift you are giving)
    A piece of scrap cardboard 
    1. Slide seed bead on to straight pin, but don’t slide all the way to the end.


    2. Stick head end into tip of craft glue and squeeze a little. ( I like to do it this way, it makes it a little less messy than try to glob it on and make sure all the sides get an even coat.)


    It will look like this:


    3. Push the bead up to the head firmly. Wipe off excess glue.


    4. Push into cardboard to dry, being careful not to push down bead when pushing into cardboard.


    Voila, Pretty pins!


    As you can see they make great finish to a sewing gift. 


Christmas Work

DSC01074, originally uploaded by hannahlaura.Only how many days until christmas??I have at least 3 more gifts to sew, many more to get and a christmas stocking for my son. Please, wish me luck!