sitkit_entry, originally uploaded by hannahlaura.So now i am in the world of freelance and using all the freelance sites out there. For me its a rush, waiting for comments, watching as others peoples entries come in. And than realizing that even if your work is good it has to be the perfect fit which is kinda hard since you usually get one shot at it. But I love it, its addictive . Its a word puzzle to me, I can’t put it down till I have it figured out. and I’ll be honest sometimes I don’t like to figure it out to get just what the client had invisioned. I like to figure it out until I am satisfied with the solution.


A Final Farewell…

So I quit my job 3 weeks ago, and it was sort of a final farewell when I saw them looking for a new hire,  posting for them on Craigslist.

Extremely Cool & Amazingly Talented Graphic Designer Needed NOW (Mpls-Warehouse Dist.)
Reply to: [?]Date: 2008-11-18, 1:50PM CST

Us: a book publishing company conveniently located within spitting distance of two coffee houses, a steak house, and a two strip joints.You: A graphic designer looking for a full-time contract through the end of the year (If we all play together nicely and we like your work, we will hire you full time in January).Skills You Must Have:*Must be 100% proficient with the following (If you still have training wheels, you aren’t right for us):- Adobe InDesign CS3(must know this flawlessly)- Adobe Acrobat- Microsoft word- Adobe Photoshop CS2 or higher (must know this flawlessly)- Adobe Illustrator*Must be able to prepare files for the printer (prepress)*Must be familiar with formatting and feel comfortable working with large spreads in InDesign*Must be comfortable resizing images and working with multiple page layouts*Must know who stole the cookie from the cookie jar*To make us really feel for you (as Chaka Khan would say) if you have any experience in cool website design (just page design, not implementation or programming) send some samples.WE ARE ONLY LOOKING FOR PEOPLE IN THE TWIN CITIES AND WILL NOT RESPOND TO ANY ONE ELSE.  

Good-bye Lerner, IGI Publishing, thank you for the learning experience.

 P.S. If anyone is interested in applying for the job, here is the link. 

Squash and Hamster.

Squash and Hamster., originally uploaded by hannahlaura.

So me and the hubby are currently going through the Caffeine for the Creative Mind and this is the 2nd exercise in the book, where you take pictures of 10 things that are out of place. Its interesting as to what combos look out of place to some people and others don’t even notice it. Alot of mine were things that needed to be put away but were in some odd pile in my house.

Hmm someone should monitor my housecleaning skills.

To view more pictures visit the flicker set:  

Applique and Reverse Applique

I hate to throw out T-shirts. I have formed sentimental attachments to them all, or I just have this longing hope that my body will change and this t-shirt will suddenly be transformed on my body. So I have this pile of t-shirts….But thanks to Alabama Chanin and the book Alabama Stitch Book  , I have been able to give some of my shirts new lives.  This book is worth its weight, so I hope its under the christmas tree this year !!! HINT  A month or so ago I checked it out from the library and the ideas I saw in it have inspired, especially when it comes to applique and reverse applique.An Example of Applique on a shirt I did going down accross the shoulder. This took two shirts as I also lengthened the bottom of the shirt.  (Yes I hate my stomach showing!)


Back of shirt

The Reverse applique that was just one t-shirt and some scrap knit material.  DSC00775

The best thing about working with knits, they are  forgiving both fit-wise and also when you are creating designs thanks to the stretch and no-fray qualities!  Yeah for knits!!

Can you guess??

Image1, originally uploaded by hannahlaura.So I had this idea for a series of embroidery patterns can you guess?? I am thinking it will be 6 or 9 piece series, which also relates to what I will use the patterns for in a practical sense.

A Little late…but better than never!

DSC00857, originally uploaded by hannahlaura.So this is my baby boy on Halloween in his one-of-a-kind-my-mommy-loves-me monster outfit, inspired by a board book from the dollar section at Target.Dad of course being a designer followed through with the ‘branding” on his monster jack-o-lantern.

Last Days of Fall

Fall Essentials

I just wanted to share with you some sketches I found in my sketchbook
from last year. Enjoy our last few days of the best season of the