With Sadness, Also Comes Happiness

Art’s Uncle passed away last Sunday after his second round with cancer, he is at peace.

We have had a happy event also, a new member to our family.

Lil’ Lu has become a part of our family at the Beisang house and has claimed all of our hearts even Bismark’s.



Also one happy Thanksgiving shot of how happy my honey makes me!!


Just Wondering if Anyone would be interested??

So I have this bear I made


The pattern is 100% mine and a lot of people have been asking for a pattern, however it kills me to think that some jerk out there will start making him and charging other people for him and I get nothing not even a little recognition. ( Vanity, ahh my best friend.) So I was wondering if people would be interested in buying his pattern and if so what is the best way to do this? Mailing hard copies of the pattern? Sending PDFS? I am hoping someone reading this has some experience and would be willing to give me some advice. Or maybe I should quit being such a selfish git and share my happiness!!!