My Winter Crafts

I Just wanted to post a few of the things I made during the holidays
First of all my first pair of sock I have ever made:


They were given to my husband Great grandmother “Great” for christmas.

Than there was the scarf that my mom got that I made:


And of Course a close-up of it:


Since we got married this year, we thought it would be nice to our close relatives photo albums with pictures of us and them at our wedding. The albums where just cheap black plastic albums so I tried to spruce them up with some handmade tags that I printed the names on fabric transfer paper, ironed them on to white cotton, cut them out, sewed them onto blue felt and presto! Pretty Tags! ( Did I mention that I like pretty things? Cause I do!) PLUS they are in a bowl that I knitted using the instructions from One Skein.


And here they are all tied on and ready to give to our family!


And since this was our first christmas with Bismark, he needed a stocking. So here is a picture of his by my stocking. ( My mom was in the process of making Arthur one to match mine.)


And Lastly my yellow bird, the colors just make me smile!


So thats really what I have been working on but now that Arthur got me a dress dummy I am working on this old slip dress I made 3 years ago (from a vintage slip pattern) that never fit but now due to some gentle persuasion and a little bit of fabric it should look presentable. Maybe I will even have pictures by this weekend, but unfortunatly I forgot to take “before” pictures of how it looked in the begining (mainly because of its wrinkled condition and the fact that I couldnt get it on the dress form.)

My Husband


Just a note to thank the wonderful man who got this all up and running for me and makes every day a happy one for me ( most day 😉 I am currently waiting for him to get done with one of his long meeting with “the clients” as we like to call them. So thanks again Arthur, you are one in a million!